Wise Words from Chief Powerhouse- Ann Shoket

We could say many things about Ann Shoket, but we would like to say that we have a huge girl crush. Author, editor, mother, wife and entrepreneur, Ann is the founder of New Power Media and CEO of @theli_st, in which she leads a community of high-impact women in media, technology business & entrepreneurship who are devoted to helping each other achieve and succeed.

In closing Women’s History Month, we chose to highlight Ann and launch our Women of Influence series in light of her dedication to women who are currently making history. She has made it her mission to hold a space for them in both the physical and digital realms. Through TheLi.st, she leads more than 500 ambitious women in sharing conversations, time, and resources - who are collaborating and reinventing and pushing themselves. It’s a noble undertaking, but no easy feat and not a job anyone would take on with such fierce devotion. 

Since her rise to professional fame as the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine in the early 2000s and after publishing The Big Life, Ann’s professional journey has been well documented. We wanted to dive into more personal aspects of Ann to understand how she manages to ‘do it all’ while keeping her cool.  Below she shares some details on her evolving skincare routine, how she embraces the mess, and gives her best piece of career advice. 

 How do you start your mornings, to set you up for a successful day?

 Coffee — times two. And Good Morning America. Robin Roberts is a joy and an inspiration!

What brings you back to balance?

I’m not a super-fan of balance. I prefer Embrace The Mess.

The idea of “balance” makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong if things are inevitably off-kilter. But the mess is the mojo that will keep you moving forward.

Your best example of self love? 

I have really gotten into baths during the pandemic. Just 30 minutes to myself is a luxury when you have two young kids and a phone that pings non-stop. But if you add Netflix and a glass of good wine, it’s really indulgent.

What does your skincare routine look like?

I have simplified and stepped up my skin care products to be fewer and more effective (in fact, that’s a mantra I’ve carried over to a lot of my life: wine, my wardrobe, my business clients and business partners, my To Do list…)

The best beauty advice I ever got was not to wash my face in the am—it doesn’t need it! Just a splash of water in the shower followed by a mist of S’eau Prima! I use 15% Vitamin C serum, and a very simple hyaluronic acid serum to moisturize.

At night I use an oil cleanser (no double cleansing though!), another mist of S’eau Prima, a retinoid oil and eye cream. I’ve been trying out neck creams and I haven’t found anything that feels effective enough. Send suggestions!

What product is always in your bag? 

Nars Lip pencil in Sex Machine!

Best Career advice?

Surround yourself with people who are devoted to helping you achieve and succeed. No one gets anywhere alone. You need a squad of people around you who will offer advice, give you a gut check, open doors, make intros, and make you feel stronger and more supported just by being in their presence. These folks are not necessarily your friends. Friends are the people who you can text while you’re watching nonsense on TV or who you call for a drink after a long week.

You need to curate and invest in a separate crew of people who see and amplify your ambition—and you do the same for them in return.

When do you feel the most powerful? 

When I’m with my squad, dreaming up ideas, and helping their dreams get bigger and bigger.

What does the world need more of? 

Women’s unbridled ambition.