Welcome to the world of S’eau Prima.

It began with a formula. And quickly grew into something much bigger, bolder. 

When we first began the journey to bring S’eau Prima to you, it was because of our belief in hypochlorous acid and the benefits it could bring to women. Sybil first came across HOCl in 2018 – it was used by the surfers in her household to heal cuts and scrapes. As she saw how well it worked and learned more about the ingredient, she started to experiment with Hypochlorous Acid in her skincare routine and immediately saw a noticeable difference. She told anyone who would listen, and all of her friends soon saw it for themselves (including her soon to be co-founder, Karen!). The list of superfans grew, as did the list of noticeable benefits that those fans were reporting. At that time there was virtually no HOCl formula from any prestige skincare brand on the market, and Sybil knew that she needed to get this into the hands of women everywhere. 

Fast forward through a global pandemic, multiple cross country moves, major life changes, transformative social justice movements and a range of supply chain hiccups – it’s been a long 3 years and S’eau Prima has already been through a lot to get to you. And it is against this backdrop that the brand was shaped. We knew we had a wonder-product, but what did we want the brand to stand for? What values would we be guided by?


We have both always considered ourselves feminists, but in determining the brand pillars, we knew we wanted to be a bold, unapologetic voice for women. We couldn’t help but be affected by the events of the past 5 years. We wouldn’t tiptoe around delicate issues or stay silent when advocacy was needed (and really, isn’t it constantly needed now?). We began to speak to our friends and family members to understand what women were experiencing and feeling in this chaotic new world. That grew into a conversation with more than 100 women – what we learned from them both humbled and inspired us. More than ever, women are doing the impossible. Along with the all-consuming roles of wife, partner, mother, daughter, manager, friend and sister, more women are taking on extra roles of advocate, community leader, teacher, caretaker, creator and on and on. We saw that despite all that the world requires of us, women are stepping up to take on more. In big ways and small, public and private, women are stepping up to lead. 

This progress does not come without a price, and we hear women’s concerns that it is harder than ever to find time for themselves, to care for themselves. And that is where we found our mission. We wanted women to know that they could – and should – put themselves first. Like the proverbial oxygen mask on a plane, you need to put your own mask on first before you help others with theirs. We know first-hand that women usually feel a sense of guilt in taking time for themselves – for generations we have been conditioned to think that such behavior is selfish and unfeminine. That is wrong. We believe that women must prioritize themselves in order to give their best to their families, to their teams and to the world. S’eau Prima aims to give women the aegis and space to put themselves first. 

We wanted women to know that they could – and should – put themselves first.

We hope that you’ll come to find S’eau Prima as a “place” that you can escape to, not only for great products, but also for sanctuary, inspiration, and (most importantly) as a community that guides you to remember and claim your power. Because you have it, and it is what makes you beautiful. 

We couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead, and to have you on the journey with us. Thank you for giving us a place in your demanding life. And please don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind at withlove@seauprima.com

With Love,
Karen and Sybil